Friday, April 6, 2012

DPI Deals: $7M for Sandvine, $4M for Allot; Analytics Comes First ..

Both Allot Communications and Sandvine announced major DPI deals (speculation: America Movil and Comcast).

Both vendors emphasize first the network analytics - traffic monitoring and reporting capabilities ("insight") of the DPI equipment and put the active traffic shaping capabilities ("optimize") in 2nd place.

  • Sandvine announced that ".. it has received over $7 million in Network Policy Control expansion orders from a tier-1 North American cable operator, a customer for over five years. These purchases include the Sandvine Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) and Network Analytics software suite to bring unprecedented insight into network usage and to optimize network management decision-making by making available detailed quality metrics on real-time entertainment. Most of the product revenue associated with these orders was recognized in Sandvine’s first quarter of 2012".

    See "Sandvine Awarded Over $7 Million In Expansion Orders By Tier-1 MSO" - here.
  • Allot announced ".. it has received an initial order worth approximately US$4 million from a Tier 1 Latin American fixed/mobile operator, part of one of the world’s five largest Telco groups. The order includes the deployment of multiple Allot Service Gateway platforms to provide improved quality of experience (QoE) .. The deployment will see real time measurement of services such as VoIP quality, coupled with adaptive policy provisioning to guarantee optimized QoE over various network conditions".
    See "Allot Wins $4 Million Initial Order from Tier 1 LATAM Fixed/Mobile Operator" - here

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