Sunday, April 8, 2012

[Current Analysis] HP and NSN Lead the CEM Market

Iris Heinonen, head of CEM marketing, Nokia Siemens Networks reports the the company blog that ".. In the Current Analysis’ recent “Customer Experience Management survey: Operator strategies and Purchase Horizon” report, operators ranked Nokia Siemens Networks together with Hewlett Packard in the first place". 
See also "Customer Experience Management: Operator Strategies and Purchase Horizons" - here.
"The analysis shows that CEM is strongly identified with network operations. Furthermore, operators still see CEM a means to help subscribers resolve or avoid service performance issues. As such, the survey conductors encourage CEM solution providers to promote the adaption of a CEM solution with other major operator agendas, such as OSS optimization".
"Taken as a whole, CEM vendors are being challenged to better educate operators about how effectively implemented CEM solutions can mitigate some of these conflicts”.

See "Operators rank Nokia Siemens Networks #1 in Customer Experience Management" - here.

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