Tuesday, April 17, 2012

TM Announcements: Cyan Adds Service Management and UBB

Cyan announced ".. EthernetFLEX℠, A new application embodied in the Cyan 360 software suite and Z-Series™ packetoptical transport platforms (P-OTPs), EthernetFLEX couples robust traffic policing with powerful software-based planning, management, and verification to simplify the delivery of a new wave of Ethernet services.

See also - "MEF Adds Class of Service to Mobile Ethernet Backhaul" - here.

As part of a broader metro transformation toward software defined networks, EthernetFLEX-based services are well suited for business Ethernet, wireless backhaul, and wholesale transport, providing service level guarantees with burstable bandwidth allocations that become the basis for usage-based service models".

"EthernetFLEX employs committed and excess information rate bandwidth allocations. Cyan Z-Series POTPs with high-performance packet service modules track utilization on a per-service basis. Packets in excess of the committed information rate (CIR) are colored yellow but allowed to pass. Yellow packets, which are eligible for discard in the event of congestion, are only counted by the network if they are successfully delivered to their destinations. The CyMS™ network management system gathers and pushes this data to CyPortal™ to track and report usage metrics for the customer’s usage reporting and third-party billing applications"

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