Monday, April 9, 2012

BTM Survey 2012: How MNOs will Manage Data Congestion?

During January 2012 I asked my readers to participate in a survey on Broadband Traffic Management (BTM) trends - DPI, policy management, Value-added Services, Over-the-Top competition and congestion management for mobile and fixed operators.
The main focus of the survey was on how operators will be using the technology (see the executive summary here).
One of the questions was about managing data traffic congestion in mobile networks. There are a number of ways to manage congestion – from adding capacity (spectrum, backhaul bandwidth), migrate technology (LTE), mange it “intelligently” (using DPI, offloading) or regulate demand vs. supply (data caps, fair share).

The following chart shows the responses to the question "Which solutions are likely to be adopted by MNOs to manage mobile data traffic in 2012 ? "  (0 – never, 1 to 5 Low to High, N=81):

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