Sunday, April 8, 2012

TM Announcements: F5 new VIPRION Supports 160 Gbps L7 Throughput

F5 announced the ".. new VIPRION® solutions, including the 4480 chassis and 4300 performance blade. Extending F5’s portfolio of physical and virtual solutions, these new hardware offerings are specifically designed to help service providers and enterprises address rapidly increasing traffic levels and the growing demand for enhanced services .. Industry leading metrics and product highlights include .. the market’s first 40 Gbps Ethernet support for an application and services delivery platform and 160 Gbps of L7 throughput, 2x competitors’ offerings".
"Many vendors offer separate products throughout the infrastructure, but this segmented approach provides limited protection and can be difficult to scale. By contrast, F5 offers an ICSA-certified firewall that integrates L3–L7 security services to protect against massive, multilayered, and blended attacks. From a capacity standpoint, F5’s carrier-grade hardware delivers 144 million concurrent connections (3x the closest competitor) and 5.6 million L4 connections per second (nearly 12x the competition) at a similar price point to other vendors’ offerings".

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See "F5’s VIPRION Solutions Help Service Providers and Enterprises Optimize Infrastructures and Reduce Costs" - here.


  1. It's pretty sweet. 320G of L4 too.

  2. A new revolution of equipment for data communication network.

  3. Is 160 Gbps of L7 throughput from single Chassis System or Cluster of Multiple Chassis? If Multiple, how many Chassis?

  4. • BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager™—Global load balancing module
    (option for 4200 blade only)
    • BIG-IP Access Policy Manager™—Global access and security module
    (up to 100,000 concurrent users) (option for 4200 blade only)
    • DNS module (option for 4200 blade only)

    From Datasheet of Viprion Family:
    4200 Blade throughput details
    18 Gbps L4, 18 Gbps L7.

    GSLB, DNS is quit important for Large Service Providers and Hosting Service providers. Competition is quit good between f5 & Alteon.