Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Alcatel-Lucent Launches Wireless Optimization Services [w/ Case Studies]

Alcatel-Lucent launched "the Wireless Network Optimization Solution, a set of services and software tools based on Alcatel-Lucent’s extensive experience of network management and the modeling abilities of Bell Labs"

See "Alcatel-Lucent launches Wireless Network Optimization solution helping operators manage the mobile data traffic explosion" - here.

A white paper - "Optimization - Secrets to network success: small changes deliver big results" - is available here (see process chart below)

"Alcatel-Lucent optimization experts have conducted over 200 wireless network assessments and optimizations around the world for customers such as Vivacom [Bulgaria], helping network operators to each achieve up to 11 million Euro in savings, and greatly exceed subscriber Quality of Experience expectations". See one of the cases (taken from the white paper) below.

In an interview to the ALU site (here) Christophe Blachier, Practice director for Alcatel-Lucent’s Network Design & Optimization describes the new service:

"..we bring to our service provider engagements over 60 tools built in-house, 20 co-developed with Bell Labs.  With these tools and our team’s expertise we address the four main aspects of optimization: forecasting, real-time monitoring, reporting and analysis.  For example, in our forecasting, we apply advanced methodologies that take into account mobile data impact on networks with bottom-up forecasts based on usage by specific types of devices and applications – rather than just mapping generic data traffic growth.  And not just a fuzzy success but actually helping them [Customers] reach their key performance indicator (KPI) targets by improving end-to-end network QoE, and maintaining customer satisfaction in the face of exploding data traffic, and unpredictable applications on new devices."

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