Sunday, November 28, 2010

[Calcalist] Oracle and Platinum about to Acquire Comverse

Once again Calcalist has news about the long-time anticipated acquisition of Comverse Technology.

Today, the site reports (here, Hebrew) that in a joint deal, valued at $2B (30% above market price) Platinum will acquire the group's holdings in Verint and Starhome (following the previous acquisition of Ulticom) and Oracle will buy the company’s billing and value-added services business units (known as "Comverse" and includes the company's Mobile Internet Gateway product line. See "Oracle Shopping List - Comverse as an Entry Pass to the Telecom Space - GLG News" - here).  

Calcalist also says that the previous proposals from Huawei and ZTE (see "Comverse: New Bids from ZTE and Huawei; Ulticom Sold" - here) were rejected, assuming that the Israeli and US governments will not approve the acquisition, due to national security concerns.