Saturday, November 20, 2010

PCRF Vendors Publish Performance tests - now it is BroadHop

Following Bridgewater Systems (here), BroadHop also engaged the European Advanced Networking Test Center (EANTC) to measure its policy management server performance.

The company announced that " Quantum Network Suite, BroadHop’s 5th generation policy management and control solution, successfully completed an in-depth and independent set of policy tests designed to measure scalability, performance, and real world use required for today’s rapidly evolving networks".

See "BroadHop Sets New Performance and Scalability Benchmarks for 3G, 4G LTE Mobile Networks Policy Control" - here.

"Key findings from the BroadHop Quantum Network Suite Performance and Scaling Tests:
  • Demonstrated support for 20 million active mobile user sessions from a single, 10U server chassis with sixteen server blades
  • Demonstrated support for 28,000 TPS with 16 blades in a single 10U chassis
  • Demonstrated support for 13K TPS with 8 blades in a single 10U chassis while applying policy and charging rules to multimedia voice and data traffic (Gx/data and Rx/VoIP)"
I was not able to find comparable results from Bridgewater.

See also:
  • "Heavy Reading - "[performance boosted] policy management can play a vital role a telco’s overall product and service strategy" - here
  • "Bridgewater and Broadhop are Getting Closer to Cisco" - here.

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