Wednesday, November 24, 2010

PCRF Deployments (43): Charge by Application? Dutch Operator Deployed Openet PCRF

Openet announced that - "[anonymous, unfortunately - I thought we are beyond that already] leading Netherlands operator has deployed Openet’s Policy and Charging Controls (PCC) architecture and fully compliant 3GPP PCRF Policy Manager platform to control bandwidth and implement network policies for millions of subscribers. The operator has also selected Openet’s complementary solutions, Fair Usage and Tiered Service Controls, which enable the carrier to offer more flexible service plan options and improve its control over subscriber traffic. All Openet solutions were deployed in tandem with Cisco’s (formerly Starent Networks’) GGSN."

See "Leading Netherlands Operator Selects Openet to Maximize Network Visibility" - here.

"..the service provider is using Policy Manager and its associated solutions to better monetize network traffic. This includes implementing fair usage policies for all subscribers and segmenting data services into tiers of service as defined by network speed, data usage and other usage conditions. Some of the control variables this operator can now use to optimize network performance include:
  • Application monetization for network control—operators can assign pricing for specific applications  
  • Network usage load—determines what kinds of content/applications/services are being accessed across the network and regulates according to individual data plans"
The first feature (although the release only says that it "can" be implemented) represents a higher level of sophistication in service management and monetization which we haven’t seen so far. It will be interesting to see if operators will take this path and whether it will be supported by higher QoE for the charged applications. And if Net Neutrality will address this.

See previous Openet-Cisco projects - here.

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