Monday, November 8, 2010

CHETAN SHARMA: 2010 Average Mobile Data Consumption to Grow 112% Y/Y

Chetan Sharma concludes in his recent report that: "Data traffic continued to increase across all networks. There are some superphones that are routinely average more than 1 GB/mo, superphones as a category is averaging 700-800 MB/mo. By the end of 2010, we expect the average US consumption to be approximately 325 MB/mo up 112% from 2009 .. Given that it is also becoming the largest deployment base for HSPA+ and LTE, most of the cutting edge research in areas of data management and experimentation with policy, regulations, strategy, and business models is taking place in the networks of the US operators and keenly watched by players across the global ecosystem."

See "US wireless Market - Q3 2010 Update" (here) and the extracted charts below showing data vs. voice services terns in terms of  revenues ("the mobile data revenues for the US market are likely to reach $55B in 2010") and ARPU ("average data ARPU grew by $0.82 or 5% Q/Q").

"As we had forecasted, the tiered pricing structure for mobile broadband expanded further with Verizon and T-Mobile following AT&T in deploying policy management strategies for controlling data margins. We will see the pricing evolve over the next 2-4 quarters as the US mobile ecosystem adjusts to the new realities and strategies for mobile data consumption"


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