Sunday, November 21, 2010

IETF: Experiments to Harmonize P2P Technology with the Infrastructure

Application-Layer Traffic Optimization (ALTO) is an IETF group charted to "design and specify an Application-Layer Traffic optimization (ALTO) service that will provide applications with information to perform better-than-random initial peer selection. ALTO services may take different approaches at balancing factors such as maximum bandwidth, minimum cross-domain traffic, lowest cost to the user, etc. The WG will consider the needs of BitTorrent, tracker-less P2P, and other applications, such as content delivery networks (CDN) and mirror selection" (more - here).

A new from the group "provides some suggestions about ALTO architecture through experiments made by P2P Network Experiment Council in Japan. This document also introduces experiments made by the Council in Japan to harmonize P2P technology with the infrastructure. Specifically, this document describes Hint Server technology, which is similar to ALTO technology"

See "ALTO-Like Activities and Experiments in P2P Network Experiment Council draft-kamei-p2p-experiments-japan-04" - here.


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