Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DPI Deployments (37): Momentum Telecom Use VoIP CDRs to Troubleshoot and Generate Business

DPI technology allows service providers to dive into specific application and analyze application-specific information in order to troubleshoot service quality problems, generate marketing data, analyze usage patterns and more - all this by analyzing network traffic, with no need to connect to the application/s server (VoIP softswitch, for example), whether the providers owns it or not, and analyze information from multiple services and providers in central system.   

Jessica Scarpati from searchtelecom describes such a project, deployed by Momentum Telecom. See "Telecom VoIP CDR analytics improve service quality assurance, cut MTTR" - here.

"You can't say you have a quality product if you can't measure it," said Anthony Orlando, vice president of engineering at Momentum, a US-based VoIP service provider that wholesales to 230 cable operators across the country. "Momentum tried homegrown and commercial VoIP analysis and monitoring tools, but the analytics were too superficial to be really useful, said Orlando, declining to name the commercial product".
VoIP monitoring solutions are also offered by DPI vendors such as Sandvine (here), a joint solution from Allot and Qosmos(here, chart below), Cisco (here) and Ipoque (here). The use of DPI/Traffic management solutions allows the service provider to take corrective actions, such as prioritizing the VoIP traffic.

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