Friday, November 26, 2010

Telenor Sweden VP: "Unlimited LTE Generates a Lot of Subscribers" [BUT for the long term ...]

Michelle Donegan writes to Lightreading about the newest LTE providers in Sweden - Tele2 and Telenor ASA (see "Swedish LTE Challengers Wield Unlimited Offers" - here) who both offer [for now, apparently] unlimited data service.

TeliaSonera, who offers LTE for sometime now in Sweden does have limits - see "TeliaSonera's LTE Comes with Traffic Management" - here.  

The article provides some candid statements from Carl-Erik Lagercrantz, chairman of Net4Mobility and VP of Telenor Sweden, who said at the Boradband Traffic Management event last week:

"[For 4G] we have unlimited subscriptions with fair usage and no caps on usage..that's not a long-term viable solution for an operator but it surely generates a lot of subscribers in the marketplace .. operators will need to manage the bandwidth on their 4G networks, [but] such tactics needed to be implemented intelligently so that users are not blocked from doing what they really want to do. .. Attempts to limit users' use of the network -- I find that in the longer term a little bit hazardous .. If you talk about traffic management in the network, you have to maximize what users want, not minimize what they want"

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