Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Going for a Service Gateway - The Sandvine Acision Partnership

Sandvine announced today that "it has partnered with Acision, a world leader in mobile data.  The Sandvine-Acision partnership provides operators with detailed traffic insight and capabilities such as traffic flow control, subscriber control, service creation and differentiation, as well as intelligent content optimization for mobile networks."

See "Sandvine Announces Global Partnership With Acision" - here.

It makes sense that the different features and services offered now by DPI and mobile gateway vendors will consolidate into a single solution to reduce complexity and traffic latency while enjoying accurate application and subscriber awareness. DPI vendors are offering some of the gateway features today (they usually call it Value-added Services or eco-system) and the Sandvine-Acision partnership looks like a good first step for creating best-of-breed solution. I believe that this will lead for both product tighter consolidation (single chassis) as well as M&A in this space - creating a strong solution against competitive GGSN offerings.

The Sandvine-Acision partnership offers solutions such as:
  • Selective Video and Web optimization that manages data traffic peaks and increases quality of experience [Acision]
  • Traffic optimization that ensures fair usage for all network subscribers using flexible real-time policy control  [Sandvine]
  • Policy Management and real-time rating which enables operators to differentiate their offerings, tailored to meet the demands of their specific market segments 
  • Business intelligence that provides detailed insight and visibility into subscriber consumption and application analysis [Sandvine]

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