Friday, October 21, 2011

Benu Promises to Increase QoE, Optimize RAN and Reduce Costs for MNOs

Benu Networks, the 2nd start-up exposed this week, unveiled ".. its disruptive architecture and purpose-built platform that dramatically reduces costs and improves subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) for 4G mobile networks .. The core of Benu’s innovative architecture is the Mobile Edge Gateway (MEG) – a carrier-grade, purpose-built hardware and software platform that dynamically instantiates standard EPC network functions. Benu’s MEG platform leverages hardware acceleration to provide sophisticated intelligence, optimization, routing, and security with no performance degradation. Maximizing “good throughput” enhances subscriber QoE and more efficiently utilizes the mobile operator’s RAN"

"Benu’s architecture leverages a unique Secure Distributed Fabric that utilizes IP to create communication links between multiple MEGs and allows a single MEG to consolidate and align subscriber management traffic to the Control Plane, thus minimizing the number of northbound interfaces and elements. In essence, this virtualizes the intelligence layers of the 4G network to account for future applications and business models".

"Benu’s solution eliminates the approach of putting a “bump in the wire” between the RAN and the core network to achieve optimization and offload by integrating these functions into the platform, which reduces complexity and lowers CAPEX and OPEX.

See "Benu Unveils Disruptive Architecture that Delivers Higher Quality of Experience at the Lowest Cost per Gigabyte Delivered for the 4G Packet Core" - here.

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