Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PCRF Announcements: Openet Adds PCC Self-Care Facility

Openet announced ".. the immediate availability of the Openet Subscriber Engagement Engine, an industry-first product that gives subscribers real-time visibility into their usage and enables them to directly control, manage and personalize their services, balances and spend .. The Subscriber Engagement Engine acts as a central gateway for extending the integration of Policy and Charging elements to include the mobile device.  The Subscriber Engagement Engine can be specifically branded by the operator and delivered directly on a mobile device".

"Openet Subscriber Engagement Engine enables operators to interact directly with mobile devices leveraging data from existing policy control and charging (PCC) infrastructure and from other network elements. The Engagement Engine enables real-time subscriber access to display customer account data (usage, spend and remaining balances), as well as the dynamic purchase of services".

See "Openet Unveils Subscriber Engagement Engine, Empowers Subscribers to Personalize Data Use and Spend" - here and additional information - here.

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