Thursday, October 13, 2011

Orange France Likes to "Know you Better" - and Send you Personalized Ads

Behavioral advertizing is slowly coming back - in a cleaner and well-disclosed fashion to avoid the previous failures (see earlier post with some background - here).

Orange France is proposing (here) DSL customers now to agree for scanning of their web browsing sessions, and then get customized proposals by phone, mail, or the portal - with no change to other content.

Orange promises to keep privacy and that personal information - emails, instant messaging and passwords are not tracked. Also, religious, racists, adult content, political affiliation and health sites are excluded and browsing history is not saved.

Lots of DPI is needed here - from isolating web traffic from other traffic on port 80, parse the HTTP  requests and categorize the web sites (according to the above restrictions), and identify the content - all in an efficient way.

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