Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Volubill Announces new PCRF and 47 Gbps PCEF/DPI System

Volubill launched "Volubill Business System (VBS) and Volubill Network System (VNS). Two integrated policy management, enforcement and real-time charging systems for communications service providers (CSPs), which will allow business decision makers greater control in the creation and management of new mobile data pricing strategies within increasingly complex networks".

  • VNS (datasheet - here) is a ".. high-capacity 3GPP PCEF compliant system in respect to service flow detection, user plane traffic handling, triggering control plane session management, QoS handling and service data flow management".

    The product's DPI function supports "Protocol detection of over 1000 protocols and applications".
Hardware and performance data are:

See "Volubill Unveils Business and Network solutions for Service Provider Policy Management and Charging" - here.

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