Saturday, October 22, 2011

P2P File Sharing is no Longer a [capacity] Issue, Says Bell Canada

Is Bell Canada giving up on an outdated DPI system (see "Bell Canada Throttled (DPI Mistake) and other Net Neutrality Complaints" - here) or P2P file sharing traffic is no longer a capacity issue for fixed networks?

CBCNews reports that Bell Canada "sent a letter to its wholesale customers – independent ISPs that rent access to Bell's network in order to connect customers to their own networks – informing them that effective November 2011, new network links in its expanded network may no longer be affected by equipment designed to slow down peer-to-peer traffic during peak periods .. Bell clarified that it is no longer installing such equipment as it expands or augments its network .. Bell said it does not distinguish between its wholesale and retail customers when expanding its network, suggesting that retail customers may also experience less throttling of peer-to-peer traffic in the future"

"while congestion still exists, the impact of peer-to-peer file sharing applications on congestion has reduced"

See "Bell to scale back throttling of file-sharing" - here.

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