Friday, October 28, 2011

Spirent Announces 10GE Mobility, Bandwidth Management and Network Intelligence Testing Module

Spirent announced "..  TestCenter HyperMetrics mX [datasheet - here] modules enable carriers and their network equipment suppliers to navigate the complexity of converged network elements, ensuring that they perform at scale with realism .. Spirent TestCenter HyperMetrics mX modules greatly simplify and accelerate high-scale mobility, core network, mobile backhaul, routing, access and application testing .. Spirent HyperMetrics mX ensures:
  • Mobility with high scalability of mobile data sessions, delivering high-performance multi-play applications with seamless mobility between 2G/3G and LTE networks, all critical for an uninterrupted user quality of experience (QoE)
  • Bandwidth Management with emulation of [6]millions of subscribers under real-world network conditions, including an unprecedented number of applications being delivered concurrently, such as QoE-aware live IP video streaming along with voice, web based applications
  • Network Intelligence with the delivery of the mobile multiplay experience by combining high performance stateful traffic, high-scale routing, access and mobile control plane on a single module
See "Spirent Ensures Performance and Scalability of 4G/LTE Networks" - here. See also "DPI Testing: Sandvine Chooses Spirent" - here.

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