Thursday, October 27, 2011

UK Court Orders BT to Block Newzbin2 in 14 Days, Using DPI

While the UK regulator, Ofcom, believes that "All site blocking techniques can be circumvented" (here), BT was order to deploy methods to block one specific site - Newzbin2, a usenet service - and use IP address blocking as well as DPI based URL blocking techniques.

TorrentFreak reports that "Following a High Court ruling in July, UK Internet service provider BT now has just 14 days to carry out a full subscriber access block of Usenet indexing site Newzbin2. While the ruling will be seen as a victory for the major Hollywood studios behind the action, BT will have to pick up the bill for enforcing the block. The blocking order is flexible in order to reduce the effect of any countermeasures employed by Newzbin2 .. As previously noted, BT will use its ‘Cleanfeed’ system to censor Newzbin2, a technology normally used to block images and sites connected to child abuse".

The blocking order also says that

"The technical means to be adopted are: 

(i) IP address re-routing in respect of each and every IP address from which the said website operates and which is notified in writing to the Respondent by the Applicants or their agents; and
(ii) DPI-based URL blocking utilising at least summary analysis in respect of each and every URL available at the said website and its domains and sub-domains and which is notified in writing to the Respondent by the Applicants or their agents.

 .. For the avoidance of doubt paragraph 1 is complied with if the Respondent uses the system known as Cleanfeed and does not require the Respondent to adopt DPI-based URL blocking utilising detailed analysis"

See "UK ISP BT Given 14 Days To Block Newzbin2" - here.

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