Sunday, October 9, 2011

Technical Proposal: Policy QoE Control for Established RTP Video Sessions

A document by Abhishek Mishra (pictured), Sr. Product System Architect at Nokia Siemens Networks.


PCRF is defined as an entity used for policy and QoS control for a converged network by 3GPP. Though there are elaborate procedures defined for policy and QoS control for session establishment, modification and deletion, however, there are no procedure defined which can help in improving the Quality of Experience (QoE) for an established session. The current paper focuses on tracking actual QoS which is being experienced by the user (termed as QoE in this paper) and defines procedures for Policy control entities in a 3GPP defined setup for RTP based Video and non-Voice Media session.

See "Quality of Experience Based Policy Control Framework for RTP Based Video and Non-Voice Media Sessions" - here.

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