Monday, October 24, 2011

EU is Getting Closer to Net Neutrality

La Quadrature Du Net reports that "The “Industry” Committee of the EU Parliament unanimously adopted a resolution on Net neutrality .. The text adopted today in the ITRE committee vote will now move to be adopted in plenary without the possibility of further amendments, in a vote scheduled for late-November".
  • The text is a strong political statement in favour of Net neutrality. It brings a useful definition of Net neutrality and of the network management policies that are detrimental to the users' freedoms and to competition. 
  • The resolution asks the Commission to move past its failed “wait-and-see” [see "EU Net Neutrality Study Recommends: "Do not impose any further NN obligations" - here] approach by assessing the need for further regulation on Net neutrality, within 6 months of EU telecoms regulators (BEREC) releasing their study [see "Yet Another ISP Transparency Guide" - here] on the discriminatory practices of ISPs.
See "Net Neutrality Resolution Adopted in EU Parliament" - here.

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