Sunday, October 23, 2011

Syracuse University Research on Deep Packet Inspection

Syracuse University has now a website ("The Network is aware" - here) that ".. features the ongoing activities and results of research investigating whether deep packet inspection is changing the way the Internet is governed .. We analyze DPI deployments that generated political, legal and regulatory conflicts. We explore how its capabilities led to strategic interactions among network operators pursuing their business interests, government agencies seeking control, activists fighting for privacy or net neutrality, politicians and regulators responding to publicity, legislators and courts resolving disputes"
Analytical model of co-production
 of technology and governance
used in the case studies.
From Bendrath & Mueller (2011)

The research is led by Milton Mueller (pictured) , Principal Investigator, with a team of 5 researches (here) and "funded [here] by the U.S. National Science Foundation, SBER Division, Program on Science, Technology and Society".

See also "Milton Mueller vs. Dan Kaminsky on ISP Traffic Management Detection" - here.

Among other things, the site features [rather old] data from MLab (here, supported by Google), that uses "crowdsourced network monitoring data" to detect possible use of DPI by ISPs for BitTorrent throttling.

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