Sunday, October 30, 2011

[Exact Ventures]: Diameter Router Market "will double each year through 2016"

While the diameter signaling router/controller (or policy exchange controllers) is still young and small market (see "Diameter Routing Explained" - here), it has already gotten the attention of Exact Ventures a technology market intelligence company, founded in 2011.

Obviously, the recent $20M Verizon Wireless-Tekelec deal (here, here) is a major recognition and driver for this market, as well as other deals announced this year (Traffix Systems). Other solutions are available from Acme Packet, IntelliNet Technologies and Openet (see the full list here).  

Exact says that "The extraordinary growth in smartphone-based signaling traffic plus the growing number of network nodes that require signaling are creating an urgent need for a new signaling infrastructure. According to the report, the emerging DSC market is forecast to more than double each year through 2016 due to very strong growth in network signaling traffic driven primarily by LTE-based smartphones. Growth revenues from software license shipments over the next 5 years will be partially offset by an almost 20 percent yearly price erosion over the same period as the market becomes more competitive and as products become more cost effective due to economies of scale".

Greg Collins (pictured), Founder and Principal Analyst at Exact Ventures says: “Any failures of the signaling system can spell disaster for the network operator in the form of network outages, poor performance, and system latency, resulting in subscriber churn and lost revenues".

See "Diameter Signaling Controller Market to Skyrocket Through 2016, According to Exact Ventures" - here and more details on the research - here.

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