Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vendors Form Connexus - OTT Video Monetization Architecture for ISPs

My colleague, Dean Bubley, tweeted last night (here) on the subject of OTT video monetization by MNOs:  "Increasingly convinced that idea of MNOs "monetising OTT apps" is a complete chimaera. Wishful thinking. More likely money-flow is other way". Dean also linked a 3GPP work program that "deprioritised the key standard & put it "on hold" (here).
Obviously vendors in this space think differently. 4 of them - Avvasi, BroadHop, Commprove (see "BroadHop and CommProve Offer Integrated RAN Congestion Management Solution" - here) and Spirent (here) have just formed Connexus.

"Service providers who want to monetize OTT video have an opportunity to create enormous value and therefore lucrative new revenue streams, however market fragmentation and lack of collaboration in the OTT value chain is preventing a pragmatic path to this opportunity. CONNEXUS is a disruptive architecture that enables a unique way of collaboration between vendors, service providers, content providers and advertisers to accomplish the shared goal of maximizing subscriber quality of experience, and delivering new video services and therefore new revenue streams for the entire ecosystem".
Connexus Architecture
Connexus is an "architecture seeks to address this issue holistically by bringing together vendors committed to an open ecosystem for OTT and multi-screen video service delivery, to enable service providers to build QoE-differentiated  video subscription services which sets the stage for content monetization and ad revenue".

The CONNEXUS architecture will focus on three primary goals:
  1. Promoting the notion that service providers need to monetize OTT video and deliver a high quality of experience in order to fund the infrastructure capacity that will meet subscriber demand
  2. Leveraging existing standards and associations to define how OTT video is delivered and monetized, and facilitate interoperability within the ecosystem
  3. Accelerating the availability of integrated best of breed solutions across the OTT video ecosystem

See the press release - "CONNEXUS Ecosystem Unveils Architecture that Highlights New Possibilities for Monetizing OTT Video Traffic" - here.

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