Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bytemobile: Video Optimization Increases Video Clip Viewing Time by 50%

Bytemobile published a new edition of its Mobile Analytics report (here), with data collected during the 3rd quarter.

"Compared with data for the first half of 2011, this report surfaces an upward trajectory of demand for higher-quality video resolution and the increasing impact of mobile video on wireless networks worldwide".

The report provides interesting information on subscribers' video consumption behavior:
  • On average, mobile subscribers consume their total daily video content in a single session
  • Video users click through multiple videos before terminating their session
  • On average, mobile video subscribers watch 10 videos sequentially
  • On an average day, 17 percent of total laptop subscribers consume video content, compared to 11 percent of total iPhone subscribers and 7 percent of total Android subscribers. Less than one percent of feature phone subscribers attempt to consume video content
And, of course, there are optimization related conclusions:
  • Across geographies, subscribers on un-optimized networks view approximately 60 seconds of each video clip, while subscribers on optimized networks watch 90 seconds.
    Note: I guess this can be read in two ways, but the probable explanation is that the "optimized" users see a larger portion of the clip, and not that it takes them more time to view the same clip .. !
  • During off-peak network hours, an individual subscriber will consume twice as much video content in a single session than they would during peak hours

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