Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DPI/Security Announcements: Allot Integrates with AdaptiveMobile Parental Control & Malware Protection

Allot Communications and AdaptiveMobile announced today "a joint solution that is designed to enable operators to deliver Parental Control and Malware protection as a value-added subscriber service. The solution, based on Allot Service Gateway and AdaptiveMobile’s Network Protection Platform has already been selected by a Tier-1 operator in EMEA .. Intelligent policy-based steering ensures that security services are provided only to opted-in users, optimizing the operator's profitability and protection capabilities".

Gareth Maclachlan (pictured), COO, AdaptiveMobile said: “Parents are asking operators to deliver the most complete levels of protection within the network but with the flexibility to decide what is appropriate for their children. Our joint solution means that operators can now offer a differentiated service and monetize it.”

"With the AdaptiveMobile Network Protection Platform (NPP), an operator can support parental choice in providing mobile communications to children and teenagers yet allow the parent to have full control over how and when the services will be available.
  • Personalised Communication Manager: allows the parent to manage all text, voice, IM and other communications to and from their child; limiting who they can contact and the times when contact can be made, whilst ensuring that the parent or selected family members are always accessible
  • Content Manager: allows the parent to select the type of content a child can access, whether it is by Web, SMS, call or MMS. Not only are inappropriate websites and premium services blocked, the parent can ensure appropriate filter settings are applied at the top search engines, for example or block messages that contain inappropriate words or URL’s
  • Personalised Usage Manager: Analysis with our customers has shown that one of the busiest usage periods for children is between 10 and 11.30 pm where they are texting and browsing while parents believe their children are asleep. A parent can set their own timetables for permitted usage, including the volume of messages and calls that a child may make or receive; parents can even have the option of allowing more access for good behaviour, or implementing sanctions through a single webclick"
See "Allot and AdaptiveMobile Partner to Enable Carriers to Deliver Personalized Cloud Security" - here.

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