Monday, October 31, 2011

Smarter PCC Solutions Open the Door for Wi-Fi Charging

Sarah Reedy interviews for Light Reading Steven Glapa (pictured), senior director of field marketing, Ruckus Wireless who predicts that ".. Wireless operators will be investing up to nine figures in Wi-Fi by next year, and they have to recoup it somehow .. most operators are at least exploring how to charge for Wi-Fi now .. considering bundling in an extra cost for the off-network access into data plans and counting that usage against the data cap .. Once they have the policy management in place to integrate Wi-Fi into [their networks], you have those options". See "Wave Goodbye to Free Wi-Fi" - here.

Recently, Sandvine's CTO referred to the policy enforcement solution for shared access control (here) - "we provide the same consumer policy on all access technologies and on all access vendors. .. Currently they are operating on 2.5G or 3G, 4G or some WiFi offload and some WiMax and these are the types of combinations you are getting. You got a code that is on family plan, or share free to multiple devices and one of those is on a 2.5G and the other one is on a WiFi, and for all of it we can do universal service across all technologies. It is very powerful particularly when there’s transitioning occurring in network technologies like that"

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