Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How does Orange Tunisia Use Smart Charging?

Recently Volubill announced that Orange Tunisia is using its Policy manager for to allow, among other features to implement "personalized and segmented charging models" (see "Orange[Tunisia] Uses Volubill for Personalized Charging and Bandwidth Management" - here).

So how does Orange use it?
  • Free access to Wikipedia (here), when accessed in the languages most used in the country (9 languages, including English, French and Arabic).
  • Volubill announced that "Orange Tunisia will be discussing the importance of its real-time charging capabilities in offering customers unique and differentiating services, at the upcoming second annual Policy Control & Real-Time Conference .. Orange Tunisia will be speaking on Volubill’s behalf about the “Happy Hour” feature, which allows for high-quality service coupled with mitigated data charges to customers between certain hours of the day".

    See " Volubill Powers Orange Tunisia’s New “Happy Hour” Feature for Customers" - here.

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