Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DPI Announcements: Procera's New 25 Gbps/RU Device

Procera Networks launched the ".. the PacketLogic™ 8920, a flexible Intelligent Policy Enforcement (IPE) platform that is ideal for network deployments supporting high-density subscriber/user scenarios and provides a cost-effective, small appliance footprint. The PL8920 is a highly-scalable 2RU appliance supporting up to 50 Gbps of network traffic throughput accessible through six modular I/O slots, configurable with up to 12 x 10GE or 24 x 1GE interfaces. This configuration represents 25 Gbps of network flow throughput per rack unit, setting a new industry benchmark for IPE platforms .. The PL8920 supports up to 3 million active subscribers/users and 20 million active flows, with the ability to enforce policy on all concurrent flows in the system .. The PL8920 [datasheet - hereis available immediately for customer shipments".

See "Procera Delivers Ground-Breaking PacketLogic PL8920, Establishing New Throughput Density Benchmark" - here.


  1. Great RU device, a big Leap support for Mobile users.

  2. PL8920's h/w is Advantech's PC platform built with 2 Intel CPU, same as PL8820, has many scaling issues. Don't expect it to achieve 50Gbps except for traffic counting only. It becomes even worse when you enable more I/O channels.

    Advantech also offers a DPI platform with its FWA + Qosmos engine. Procera claim of "industrial benchmark" is not true as Advantech sets the "benchmark" first.