Sunday, March 24, 2013

ACSI Connect to Launch "Monitoring as a Service"

ACSI Connect will announce tomorrow the "..availability of Network Monitoring Centre [NMC] – A cloud-based network monitoring and reporting service that delivers comprehensive visibility into network traffic, delivered through the cloud to a single pane of glass. It does so across both single- and multi-vendor networks, ensuring high-quality experiences for users and all but eliminating help desk calls".

"..  Using NetFlow v9, IPFIX and JFlow traffic data, ACSI Connect NMC provides comprehensive traffic visibility without the cost and complexity associated with deploying and managing multiple network appliances. NMC goes well beyond other NetFlow-based reporting systems that see all port 80 traffic as HTTP, individually classifying a wide variety of applications, including video and voice streaming, instant messaging, file sharing and email.

See "ACSI Connect Launches Network Monitoring Centre (NMC) -- Cloud-hosted Network Visibility and Reporting in a Single Pane of Glass" - here.

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