Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Telia Claims for Europe's First(?) Data Share Plan

Source: Telia
Shared Data plans have reached to Europe for the first time, according to TeliaSonera.

The operator launched in Sweden " a subscription that enables customers, like families, to connect all of their mobile devices to one subscription and to share the included data bucket among them"

However, according to a report published by Infonetics more than a year ago, Orange Austria, France and Spain also have shared data plans (here), and closer to Sweden - "Telenor: "Customers Say that Shared Data Plans are Bad Idea - But .." - here.
"The new subscription Telia Mobil Dela (Telia Mobile Share) launched by Telia in Sweden makes it possible for customers to connect all of their smartphones, surf tablets and other mobile devices to one mobile subscription. The customer, say a family, pays a fixed monthly fee for the main subscription, which includes a data bucket and unlimited calls, sms and mms. They can then easily add additional devices at a lower monthly price. They also share the subscription’s data bucket among the connected devices, enabling them to use the bucket efficiently. The data bucket can easily be adjusted up or down from one month to the next. Furthermore, customers achieve better overview and control of subscription costs, thanks to one invoice for the entire subscription and all connected devices".

See "TeliaSonera first in Europe with new subscription that shares data" - here.


  1. I don't think there has been any multi-user plans in Europe where the data bucket is shared between both phone-sims and device-sims.

    Of course this model exists in the US - Verizon, At&T, Rogers, and some smaller players on B2B-side. But could anyone point to specific plan in Europe with these characteristics?

    Some articles (including the paper linked to above) speak about data share plans - but actucally only mean multi-device mobile broadband plans in the end (i.e. extra-sim to plug in your iPad).

    Comments, thoughts?

  2. an example of data sharing or credit between mobiles would be the crazy johns plan deals, though now vodafone killed the brand off now u can still have a look at the plans on their site at