Friday, March 8, 2013

Virgin Mobile Cap Removed due to Connectivity Problems

Traffic shaping is not as easy as it seems ..

Few days after reporting that Virgin Mobile caps mobile speed at 2Mbps (here), Bill Ray updates to The Register that "Virgin Mobile UK has suspended its internet speed cap while it tries to get its network reliability back up to scratch. Large numbers of the operator's customers suffered intermittent connectivity over the last week or so, quite possibly related to the company's attempt to impose a 2Mbit-per-second cap on mobile internet download speeds .. Virgin Mobile said it has identified the cause of the connection problems - located deep within EE's phone network upon which Virgin Mobile piggybacks its operations - and is working to get a fix in place".

Virgin support page further explains that as "We’re still working hard to resolve the network issues customers have been seeing, where customers are getting intermittent or no internet access, and problems with apps not working. Our network partner EE have removed certain network controls to see whether this can help to pinpoint the issue. This has included temporarily removing the speed cap".

See "Virgin Mobile doffs its cap: Web speed limit axed after outrage" - here.

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