Thursday, March 7, 2013

AT&T Presents Allot

An interesting (or may I say a bit unusual) post, by Sander Biehn (pictured), Account Manager, AT&T in the carrier blog about the reasons and ways to handle bandwidth demand on mobile networks.

Unlike the more common case of vendors presenting customer case studies (the source for my 230+ deployments stories), in this case a [potential?] customer presents and agrees with the vendor's solution.

"I caught up with Scott Poretsky (pictured), Director of Solutions Architecture for the Americas at Allot Communications, who specializes in solving these problems for enterprises and mobile operators. I asked him about what is trending around the causes of the mobile bandwidth crunch and solutions to cure the problem .. Scott and I also discussed some ideas to meet the challenge - Security .. Usage policy.. Fair access to business resources .. Meeting SLAs in the cloud .. [and] Video caching".

See "5 Ways To Quench The Mobile Internet Thirst" - here; appears also at Allot's own blog (here).

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