Monday, March 4, 2013

BroadForward Adds Support for MAP-Diameter Interworking gateway

BroadForward announced they have extended the "BFX interface gateway with support for the Interworking Function (IWF) between MAP-based Gr, Gf interfaces and Diameter-based S6a, S6d, S13, S13a interfaces".

See background - "BroadForward CEO: 'We have a very ambitious 5 year growth plan'" - here.

Steven van Zanen (pictured), Head of Product Management and Marketing, said: “The availability of a complete MAP-Diameter Interworking function in BFX provides operators and vendors with an essential capability for many LTE and Wi-Fi services. In combination with the advanced interworking functions and wide range of supported protocols, BFX offers a future-proof, multi-purpose solution. Moreover, it offers a very cost-effective approach to solve integration issues. The extensive configuration options and built-in flexibility enable users to quickly adjust and customize interfaces to specific network environments, new use cases and future system updates.”

See "BroadForward delivers advanced MAP Diameter Interworking gateway" - here.

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