Thursday, March 14, 2013

Cache Deployments [234]: CableMAX and Las Rosas Cablevision [Argentina] Use PeerApp

PeerApp continue to release (named!) transparent caching deployments.

The vendor announced that "CableMAX and Las Rosas Cablevision have both selected PeerApp’s UltraBand transparent caching platform .. CableMAX serves the city of Arequito and Las Rosas Cablevision serves the city of Las Rosas, both in Argentina. For both operators, broadband Internet service has become a growing part of their business and therefore the quality of their broadband service is critical to their brand".

Lucas Bartorelli, president of Las Rosas Cablevision said: “Increasingly, the content that our subscribers consume originates from all over the Spanish-speaking world and from North America .. With UltraBand, we can deliver this content with the same quality as if it had originated locally

See "Internet Service in Southern Cone Accelerated by PeerApp" - here.

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