Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sprint Expands Bill Shock Alerts

A month before the CTIA deadline [see "[US] Bill Shock Prevention: VZW, AT&T and T-Mobile will Alert on Exceeding Data Charges" - hereSprint announced the ".. expansion of its current usage alert program to include wireless voice and text messaging services .. Customers can elect to receive these free alerts via text message or email through Sprint’s Ready Now program or by accessing their account via If a customer doesn’t choose a preferred method of communication, Sprint will provide alerts via text message as a default".

For International use - "Sprint sends a "welcome" text message when an international roaming subscriber first registers in a foreign country. The text message includes details on the casual rates for voice, texts and data in that particular country. In addition, Sprint sends notifications in approximately $50 increments of international data roaming charges. Casual international roaming users will be required to opt-in when usage charges meet or exceed approximately $100 and $300. Customers on international data plans must opt-in when they meet their data allowance and when they incur approximately $300 in overage charges. All customers incurring approximately $500 of international data usage charges will be suspended, but usage can be restored by contacting Sprint. Sprint will continue to send notifications at approximately $50 increments over $500".

See "Sprint Launches Voice and Text Usage Alerts Fulfilling its Industry Commitment" - here.

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