Friday, March 29, 2013

Will DT Throttle DSL Speeds for Exceeding Quota?

Sean Buckley (pictured) reported to FierceTelecom that Deutsche Telekom "is going to start throttling DSL speeds on users who go over a set bandwidth limit, according to rumors reported on a telecom blog .. The telco's 16 Mbps Call and Surf or Entertain speed package will incorporate a 75 GB cap. It will also implement a 300 GB limit on Fiber-100 and Fiber-200-400 users .. Deutsche Telekom said that it is considering throttling excessive users, but has not revealed any new tariffs, adding that they will "make an appropriate announcement".
See also "DSL, wie in DrosSeL?" - here (German).

See "Rumor mill: Deutsche Telekom to begin throttling DSL users" - here.

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