Friday, March 1, 2013

[ABI] DPI, Policy and Optimization - $20B/5 Years; Leader are ...

Joe Hoffman (pictured), principal analyst, ABI Research, finds that "Next Generation Optimization, DPI, and Policy are essential for operators to maximize the profitability of their 4G investments and represent a $20B market opportunity for vendors in the next 5 years. The overall leaders considering both Innovation and Implementation are Bytemobile [Citrix] (Web and Video Optimization), Sandvine (DPI), and Broadhop/Cisco (Policy)" 

Note that by 2012 revenues, Allot Communications was the market leader in DPI (here), and most analyst reports list Openet, Huawaei, Tekelec and Amdocs as the leaders of the Policy management market (see - InfoneticsExact Ventures) 

More from ABI:
  • Bytemobile Unison and T3100 platforms provide the right granularity of processing power to distribute web and video optimization into the 4G network, can scale with operators from less than 1M to over 100M subscribers, and pack extra functions, such as DPI, into the package
  • Sandvine Policy Traffic Switch provides the high performance needed for inline DPI, scales to operator needs with different models, and supports a hierarchical and distributed PCRF PCEF/DPI
  • Broadhop/Cisco Quantum Suite wins by a nose in the fiercely competitive Policy (PCRF) market with many advanced features for operators to differentiate and monetize their 4G brands 
See "Bytemobile, Sandvine, Broadhop Come Out On Top in the $20B Web and Video Optimization, DPI, and Policy Market Competitive Assessment" - here.

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