Saturday, March 16, 2013

CDN.Net Offers a Customizable and Usage-based CDN

It is time for a new type of CDN, a simpler and claimed to be cheaper one. launched as the ".. first user customizable and usage-based content delivery network (CDN), offering a cost effective way for businesses of all sizes to improve Web performance and reliability .. Backed by a global federated compute network, is launching with 30 premium, hand-picked Points-of-Presence (PoPs) providing global coverage to guarantee a 99.99 percent SLA, and will spin up new locations adding availability of more than 150 locations in 40 countries worldwide. offers the greatest choice and transparency of any CDN, catering to budget and quality demands on a completely pay-per-use basis".

CDN.Net Customization 

James Fletcher (pictured), Marketing Director, said: "We’re taking a new approach to CDN, with a totally transparent service so customers pay for what they use, when they need it, with reliable performance and uptime. is customizable on-the-fly to the needs of any business looking to deliver rich content quickly and affordably, wherever in the world their customers happen to be.

See " Launches as First User Customizable Global CDN for Everyone" - here.

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