Sunday, March 31, 2013

[Geddes Consulting]: Why you can't sell QoS?

Interesting article for all vendors pitching QoS/QoE-based tiered services,by Martin Geddes (pictured).

The article promotes Predictable Network Solutions, a "research consultants that have created a quantitative mathematical understanding of end-to-end network Quality of Service (QoS)We use that understanding to educate and advise developers, builders and managers in the construction of networks and distributed systems so that predictable application performance can be delivered to end-users". The introduction follows, read the rest - here.

"Network operators have long wanted to be able to sell quality-of-service (QoS) network capabilities to either end users or third party application providers. However, each attempt to do so on Internet Protocol networks has failed to gain market adoption. There are good reasons for this, but they are subtle, and don’t match the common prejudices against creating multiple classes of service.

This newsletter explores the six core problems with the standard approach to QoS:
  • Too weak a proxy for user outcomes.
  • Obsessed with real-time flows.
  • Misallocates resources.
  • Opens a new denial of service attack route.
  • “Quality inversion” removes the economic incentive to pay.
  • Too limited in the scope of the trades available.
There is an alternative way of managing network resources that cures all these issues. A short summary of how to achieve this is at the end"

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