Monday, March 11, 2013

Tim Berners-Lee Warns about DPI

Rob Pegoraro reports from Tim Berners-Lee's "Open Web Platform: Hopes & Fears" keynote at SXSW, in which Mr. Lee (who invented the World Wide Web, pictured) refers (int for the first time - here), to DPI:

"Berners-Lee's biggest fear is not a mobile experience dominated by iOS or Play Store apps, but one in which the basic protocols of the Web are eaten away by ISP interference and state surveillance. Deep packet inspection , for example, can allow third parties to "look at all the stuff you're looking up on the Web, and store it, and use it." An Internet provider might employ that to sell ads or charge some sites and services extra; a government could exploit it to slow or disconnect sites considered harmful".

See "Tim Berners-Lee: The Web needs to stay open, and Gopher's still not cool" - here.

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