Sunday, March 10, 2013

DT: "450,000 Attacks/Day on Honeypot Systems"

Deutsche Telekom is launching the "online portal .. a digital map of the world which shows the origin of cyber attacks recorded around the clock by more than 90 sensors. A real-time ticker reports which targets they are setting their sights on. In addition, statistics show the current most common forms of attack and the countries in which the most active attack servers are located. However, their location is not necessarily also the country of origin of the attackers .. The company shares its findings with authorities and manufacturers of protection software .. Deutsche Telekom has more than 90 sensors in use around the world as decoy systems. These so-called honeypots feign weaknesses to provoke attacks and as such act as early warning systems. For example, they simulate smartphones with gaps in security".

Source: DT Online Portal

Thomas Kremer (pictured), Board Member responsible for Data Privacy, Legal Affairs and Compliance said: "New cyber attacks on companies and institutions are found every day. Deutsche Telekom alone records up to 450,000 attacks per day on its honeypot systems and the number is rising [see chart below]. We need greater transparency about the threat situation. With its security radar, Deutsche Telekom is helping to achieve this".

See "Security dashboard shows cyber attacks in real time" - here.

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