Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Optical Technology Promises PetaBit Core Routers

Compass-EOS announced the availability of the "r10004 .. powered by icPhotonics, a technology developed by Compass-EOS that is the world’s first commercial chip-to-chip direct silicon-to-photonics implementation. Compass-EOS’ patent-protected technology integrates optical and electronic components onto a single microchip. This represents a cross-disciplinary achievement which has been pursued by industry giants for years without success. It has long been accepted that direct silicon-to-photonics technology would be a required breakthrough to achieve order-of-magnitude Internet speed increases".

"The first commercially available Compass-EOS router offers many benefits for service providers including ..  Guaranteed quality of service (QoS) at high utilization rates .. and maximum router protection from DDoS attacks at maximum capacity".

"Compass-EOS has deployed r10004 routers at customer locations around the world. Examples include a Japan-based voice, internet and cable provider that uses the routers at the termination points of its transpacific high capacity network, providing a vital link between North America and APAC; and a US-based media and technology company that has deployed the r10004 for high-bandwidth connectivity between data centers of a global content delivery network (CDN)".

Among the Israeli-based Compass-EOS' investors (here) are Comcast Ventures, T-Ventures (Deutsche Telecom) and Cisco Systems.

See "Compass-EOS introduces the world’s first direct silicon-to-photonics-based router family" - here.

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