Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Virgin Mobile [UK] Shapes Mobile Data Speed


Sounds like the old days of broadband traffic shaping are back - this time to mobile.

Bill Ray reports to The Register that "Virgin Mobile UK has admitted it is capping mobile data at 2Mb/sec - claiming it is for the benefit of customers - as it tries to keep everyone connected. Customers started noticing the speed cap in the last few days, but as it's being applied piecemeal it has been hard to pin down. That is, until the company last night admitted to capping both contract and pre-paid customers in a statement which claimed that capping speed at 2Mb/sec was a good thing".

"'We are currently trialling measures to help manage data across the mobile network,' said the telco,' justifying the cap as a measure to ensure all our customers can continue to enjoy the benefits of mobile data on the move'"

At the end of 2012, Virgin had 1.7M mobile subscribers; it "relies on Everything Everywhere’s (EE) networks to carry its communications traffic" (MVNO).
See "Virgin Mobile coughs to choking its customers" - here.

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