Sunday, April 7, 2013

[Analysys Mason]: It is Possible to Monetize Wi-Fi Services?

Chris Nicoll (pictured), Principal Analyst, Analysys Mason, analyzes the monetization opportunities for MNOs, beyond its current positioning as " a competitive advantage". 

"Wi-Fi undoubtedly offers multiple revenue opportunities, but none of them has provided a compelling business model .. Very few operators are still charging subscribers directly for access to their Wi-Fi networks. Charging the Wi-Fi hosting venue may prove to be one of the most significant sources of revenue. However, simply deploying access points in premises and allowing operator Wi-Fi to become a 'dumb pipe' will not enable operators to maximise the revenue opportunity. Operators need to invent ways to create value for the host venue".
"One example of an innovative application is proximity marketing .. Another potential revenue opportunity – again related to the hyper-local nature of Wi-Fi – is for the operator to perform analytics for the venue owner or other third-party marketers
See more - "Operators can monetise wi-fi by being creative and not letting their hotspots become ‘dumb pipes’" - here.

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