Wednesday, April 10, 2013

EE: We Prioritize the Most Demanded Real-Time Traffic

Jamie Beach interviewed to IP&TV News Sylvain Thevenot (pictured), Marketing Director, EE, about their fixed broadband service - "EE has deployed a core broadband network in partnership with BT that gives broadband access to 86% or more of the population". "We have recently extended our broadband portfolio to include ‘up to 76 Mbps’ unlimited Broadband plans, and at the same time we launched 4G across the UK".

When asked about ".. preparations is EE making to establish more robust home networks that can support its service ambitions?". Mr. Thevenot said that ".. We believe that traffic management is a tool to help provide a better experience and does not deserve the bad press it has attracted. Indeed, we monitor the type of traffic used at peak time, and prioritise the most demanded traffic that requires real-time access – such as streaming from services such as IPlayer, and other traffic that are time-sensitive such as online gaming and Web browsing".

Nevertheless, EE's Broadband traffic management policies (here, below), show that unlimited plans limit the use of P2P and News Group and prioritize VoIP and Gaming, during peak hours. Video is not prioritized  according to the form (see below).

See "EE: 'Traffic management does not deserve the bad press it has attracted'" - here.

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