Sunday, April 14, 2013

[Ovum]: Wireless Optimization can Take Different Forms: 4 Examples

Daryl Schoolar (pictured), principal Analyst of Wireless Infrastructure, Ovum writes about wireless optimization - "optimization can take different forms. The two I see the most are optimization solutions targeting improved network performance, like self-optimizing networks (SON), and those looking to improve the delivery of network content, specifically video. Even in these two areas companies have different approaches as to how they achieve optimization. Network optimization can be performed in the mobile core, at the access layer, or can involve software in the device. Network optimization can also be centralized or distributed. As for content optimization this can range from solutions that focus on traditional areas like compression, transcoding, or transrating all the way to managing the actual flow of content across the network"

The article cover 4 vendors (with links to my coverage): Avvasi (here,here), Movik (hereherehere), Newfield Wireless (here) and Vasona Netwroks (here, here)

See "Schoolar: 4 vendors to watch in optimization" - here.

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