Sunday, April 28, 2013

Ofcom to Pilot ‘white space’ Technology

One more step towards a to solve the mobile data tsunami .. Ofcom announced "plans for a pilot of innovative ‘white space’ technology in the UK, among the first of its kind in Europe. The technology uses gaps in radio spectrum, called ‘white spaces’, which exist in between frequency bands. In this instance, these bands have been reserved for digital terrestrial TV broadcasting and wireless microphones.

Use of these white spaces will allow devices to transmit and receive wireless signals for applications such as broadband access for rural communities, Wi-Fi-like services or new ‘machine-to-machine’ networks.
Source: wireless pulse, Comsearch

Ofcom is inviting industry to take part in the pilot, which is intended to take place in the autumn

See "Ofcom invites industry to pilot ‘white space’ devices" - here.

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